I had the best time this morning; being a guest Host along with Andrew Hatcher for The Gritty Business Show as a member of #thecobraclub
If you want to watch it then click on this link
Our Guests this week were Natalie King ⚡ The Confidence Coach and James McComish from McCormish Insurance Ltd
Fancy being a Guest or being apart of #thecobraclub ?
find out more at https://4unoworries.com/
What is The Gritty Business Show I hear you all ask?
It is a podcast that goes out live every Friday at 11am  produced by #thecobraclub
Each week there are 2 guests who talk about their business; how they came to do what they are doing and give 3 top tips
A BIG shout out to all our new members who have joined #thecobralub and yes the numbers are consistently growing week on week
Updates on all the weekly meetings and events that will be happening in #thecobraclub over the next week or month
So we have the monthly Property Club; so if you are in any way involved in Property; Builder, Plumber, Electrician, Architect, Roofer, Interior Designer, Landscape Designer, Gardner, Insurance, Investor, Property developer, Landlord, letting agent, Estate Agent then watch out for the next meeting https://thecobraclub.co.uk/property-club/
Other monthly clubs are The Investment Lounge;
Designed to facilitate knowledge and Investments opportunities.

Many business owners work long hours on their business creating a great income for themselves and their famiy.  Far too few of them Invest their time and money in their future either because they don’t know what to invest in; they don’t believe they have the time, money or knowledge to invest in something else or because they have not really thought about Investing rather than working.

The Investment Lounge is setting out to change this.  There are many ways that anyone can become an investor in their own future wealth and prosperity whatever your circumstances and The Investment Lounge is the place to find out about opportunities that would suit you.

We will have guest speakers; answer questions; seek out new investment opportunities; bust some myths and generally help you take control of your future.  Whether you can spare £500 or £500,000; ten minutes a day or ten hours a day the investment Lounge will help you find an opportunity to significantly improve your future.

Wellbeing Hub

How will this benefit me?

Designed to help you improve your mental and physical health.

Too many business owners work long hours to create their dream life. Not many of them invest in self-care for many reasons; time, money and often lack of knowledge about the best methodology to use.

The Well-Being hub is here to address this. There are many ways in which our mental and physical health can be improved and we will be sharing this information and tools so they can be applied in your day to day life.

We will have guest speakers, answer questions, bust some myths, and generally help you to take control of your mental and physical health. Best of all you can take these tools away with you.

So why not join our community and prepare to have your life changed for the better.

Workshops are popular at the moment and we currently have these on the first Thursday of each month https://thecobraclub.co.uk/online-business-networking/
Monthly Marketing Drop in and Goal Setting; FREE advice and questions answered
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