Following on from my article

I saw the Orthoepic Consultant on the 11th November; he requested an MRI scan.

They sent me an appointment for the 22nd November; but rang me on the 15th November to say they had a cancellation and would I like it, needless to say I jumped at it and said yes

The follow up appointment with the Consultant was booked after having the MRI for the 18th November.

On the 18th November I reported for the follow up appointment and was given the diagnoses; and with that the Consultant said the cure was a steroid injection. So he duly got the needle out and injected me.  The injection should keep me pain free for months if not forever.

How quick is that for service?

To think if I was using the NHS then I would still be waiting to see the Consultant; then a further wait for an MRI, followed by a further wait for a follow up appointment. In all it could take up to  2 years to get sorted.

Private Medical Insurance verses NHS – I will leave you to decide which is best?

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