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Fenny Breakfast Club

Weekly network meeting.

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Fenny Breakfast Club

This is a weekly network meeting, alternating every two weeks between being hosted on Zoom and being a face-to-face breakfast/lunch/dinner.

We meet every Wednesday morning at 7AM for an hour
Each week we have a Guest Speaker on topics relevant to business owners.

Everyone is welcome, no tracking of referrals and work invoiced, no one to tell you off is you don’t turn up or send a sub!

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Since being self-employed I have seen first-hand how important it is to be a part of a community with like-minded businesses.

So by being involved with networking groups I have seen that businesses flourish by meeting with like-minded business owners and forging alliances; thus the business is generated and long term relationships are made.

Ultimately businesses generate more business by getting HOT referrals from one another and your business gets more exposure.

By attending these meetings you get specialist advice from specialists in their respective field via speaker slots and learn from one another.

I get a big kick out of seeing Businesses grow and relationships made.

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