One to one or virtual coffee

Networking Groups are great and get your business out to a wider audience.

Don’t forget it is not the people in the room you are selling to BUT the people they are connected to outside the group. For example; someone said once the kind of person I need to connect with do not come to network meetings; he was looking to connect with a top executive in Aerospace. He did his pitch and to his surprise, a Lady spoke up and said; I can put in touch with this person – he is my Brother-in-Law. So never underestimate who people know!!

Networking Groups are there to help you grow your business and to form alliances with other Businesses. To support and assist your business with Referrals for new business. Getting Testimonials from People who have used your Business. BUT in order for people to know your business as your pitch does not really tell us much about your business; but rather asking for referrals.

It is essential that you arrange to meet with all people in the Group and have a one to one or virtual coffee. Sadly, people are not doing enough of these as they are online at present. By having a virtual coffee it allows you and the other person to talk more about the businesses you both operate. You gain a better in-site into each other’s businesses; you can then see if there is any synergy between the two businesses.

Where possible try to visit the businesses offices or premises and you will gain an even better in-site into the other business. Once you understand the businesses in the Networking group you will be able to promote them and get good referrals to pass around in the group.

Once you start passing referrals others will follow and pass you referrals; a win-win situation to be in.

So when you are at your next network meeting get booking your virtual coffees or 1-2-1’s???

Published On: June 23rd, 2020 / Categories: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media /